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This piece took 7,5h to translate.

13. The Redhead

- So what now? - she asked, sitting next to Nivan.
- Well, nothing. He'll be back. And until then we'll be like a long married couple - he answered her, looking down on the unnatural order under his feet... - We'll find you a job and in the mean time we'll paint his room, maybe the rest of the flat as well.
- Ehm... - she grew sad - Nivan I don't have that much savings... I put aside something so I can visit my parents in Tunisia... And I've got Marcin's rent and that's it - she looked at her feet.
Nivan looked at her. He never saw her that depressed. He pulled her close and hugged her.
- Hey, it's not that bad. You can still pick up tattooing. Here. I can give you my rent for this and the next month. And besides, we'll find some work for you real quick, don't you worry. And you will still be able to go and see your family.
- Not family but parents... My family is here - she said resting her head on his shoulder.

I finally went to my room. I stopped in the doorway.
Here everything was cleaned as well.

I stared on the made bed for a while.
I thought about the paths in life I've chosen.
Because everything has at least two paths from which to chose.  It's like a never ending tree, with thousands of branches.
After you chose one way, sometimes an unfortunate one, the only thing we can ask is: "what if?".

I made a decision and it was my choice.
No one pushed me to it.
I chose my priorities. And only time will show if I'm going to regret it.

I approached the bed and sat down.
I finally took my shoes and jacket off. When I was about to take them to the corridor I realised how tired I am.

I hardly slept last night, then the classes at the Uni to which I had to go and then... this.

I lay down on the bed. Closed my eyes.

Firka told me all about what happened. That Marcin cried again. Because of me.
Because I seem not to be able to say things at the appropriate moment and form ...nice... tender words.

I wasn't angry anymore. What was left was the resentment I felt toward myself, mostly.

I moved to my side of the bed.
I don't even know when this bed started to have his and my side to be honest.

Maybe if I would return that night, "mine" would become his.
Maybe his scent wouldn't disturb me so much on his...
And my side.

The Redhead was bent while walking through the short, very low corridor that was leading to the room from which loud music could be heard.
Touching the plaster on the old walls he could feel the vibrations made by those loud sounds that were reaching his ears muffled.
He felt a bit like a rat going in to his den.
He crossed the doorstep, finally straightening his back and automatically grimacing from the crazy music.
- Dial it down! - he shouted, because the person sitting on the floor didn't even hear him come in.
- You look like shit - the guy said straight away after turning the volume down and looking up at Nivan from the floor. He had a Slavic accent.
- You don't look it either, although you haven't moved your ass from here - the Redhead said while his eyes dropped to the small dot tattooed above the guy's upper lip.
- Nice as always. Did you bring something to eat? - the guy asked scratching at his neck, where he had a big tattoo.
- No, we need to order something, I didn't eat anything either.
The Redhead walked past the guy. Sat down on the old carpet. He took his jacket off, rolled it then he laid down putting his make-do pillow under his head. Almost without changing his position he stretched his hand out to get the monitor closer. Then he pulled at the keyboard cable.
- Is this how you'll be working? - the guy asked frowning at him.
- You got a problem with that? - the Redhead replied lifting his brow.
- No, of course I don't have a problem with you laying your ass around, while I have to stare at the monitor all the time. Why is it me that has to sit here all the time and watch this dog shit?
- Because I said so? - the Redhead added calmly, lifting his brow.
- Screw you, you ginger goatfucker! - the guy shook his head angrily at him and got up. He went to the low doorway.
- Get me some Chinese while you're at it.
- GO FUCK YOURSELF! - the guy shouted. He turned around and bent down a bit, going in the narrow corridor.
The Redhead smiled under his nose.

- Wake up you fuckwit, chow's getting cold.
The Redhead reluctantly opened his eyes. He just started to dream... about something... nice.
- I love when you talk to me dirty... - he said with a lazy, sleepy voice, he lifted himself a bit rubbing at his eye with the heel of his hand.
He habitually looked to the monitor.
No changes there.

He grabbed the bag with the food.
- Thanks, how much do I owe you? - said the Redhead, opening the box and automatically inhaling the scent of the food.
- Thirty.
- Have you lost your ever loving shit?
- I did fetch, didn't I? I did buy, didn't I? I brought it back, yes? So you owe me - said the guy with total conviction waving around with the plastic fork.
- Shame on you, stealing from your own people - said the Redhead with a pretended disgust.
The guy opened his mouth to say something. He held it back though.
- Twenty five then.  Let it be my loss - he said poking at the food with his fork.
The Redhead smiled again.

He liked the short, rebellious boy in the way too big hoodie.
He reminded him a bit of Marcin. He resembled a wild cat that needs lots of attention and close contact. But was too scared to come near and ask for it.

They knew each other for not even a month. And even if you couldn't really see it at a first glance they made a great team together. They knew each other's ways of working. And the trust thread was already weaving together, which was vital in this line of work.
But for it all to be perfect, which the Redhead needed, something was still missing or someone rather.
The third, the key person.
But they were managing, only the two of them. So it's all good.

The Redhead looked to the guy that was wolfing the soy noodles down. He knew a lot about him although he didn't ask. He was conscious of the fact that this guy knew probably the same if not a lot more about him.

It even wasn't about the lack of trust anymore, but more about curiosity. Which you were able to sate through your abilities.
Simple, just like that.

The Redhead had a great memory. A really good one.
Sometimes he did remember things that he read only once without any problems whatsoever.
Sometimes he laughed that his head became this one massive junk yard of unnecessary information.

About the noodle eating guy, about facts from his life that he'll probably remember for the rest of his days.
Nazar-Nazarij Sorokin, origin - Russian.
Born on the 2nd of February, 19 years old.
Thief, hacker. Convicted to 8 years for taking part in a murder.
Out after one year and 3 months, leaving behind his only family in that jail - his older brother.

The Redhead didn't really need all that information. He didn't want to store that and a lot of other facts from the boys life.
But curiosity always wins.

But to be honest other things were more important.

Nazar-Nazarij Sorokin.
A talented boy.
With a sharp, analytical mind. With massive unused knowledge.

In the beginning he was like a hissing cat, not agreeing with anything. Not trusting, wild.
But they managed somehow.
They even started to work on the floor, just like the Redhead liked. Like it used to be.

Nazar-Nazarij is a thief and a hacker.
Maybe even a better one than me... but he wasn't as lucky.
He went to jail, and the tattooed dot above his upper lip - a memoriam of the stay there - was persistently pulling his attention to it.

On the way home he was thinking about a lot of things.
But mainly about him. About Marcin.
But he probably wouldn't admit to that.

He felt at ease walking in to the flat. Walking in through the threshold, he was at peace with the fact that he wouldn't be there.
He made the decision that he won't leave these things like there are now. He'll isolate himself.

It's time to learn to talk.
It's time to say things, he didn't say before.
So he called.
And Marcin cried again.

He was a bit confused by that. A bit ticked off.

He didn't know anymore.

Marcin is the only person he knows that was so honest in his feelings and... Simple.
It charmed him somehow.
He didn't have to guess or presume many things when it came to him.

Although on the other hand Marcin is a bit twisted. He is racing forward not giving it any thought.

He thought that now...
Now... it wouldn't last too long. The Blonde would get what he wanted and then sprinted off somewhere ahead of himself.

And he... was probably scared of that the most at that moment.

Day number next.
Again in that "rat hole".

He crouched. Looked over the screens.
The bait hasn't been taken. After that night which they didn't sleep almost at all, they managed to get some information.
Maybe they got a trail of someone with whom Sonia was working.
But it was a weak trail, well masked. But that gave them the info that the girl was still in business. She was still collecting information. Stealing.

He took the pen drive from his backpack and plugged it in one of the computers.
After dialling Marcin, he wrote a simple but useful program which will make Nazarij very happy indeed.
Thanks to which they will be able to sleep.
Just a simple alarm.

He didn't sleep that well tonight.
It was... empty.

He took his jacket off again, putting it under his head.
It was different here.
Here amidst all those cables and the glow of the screens he was able to sleep with no big problems. Like a baby.

Nazar bending his head looked at the silhouette lying on the floor.
- Hey, sleeping fucking beauty, are you kidding me...? - he said, but the Redhead didn't even stir. Cursing under his nose, he looked to the screens.
On one of them to his big surprise, there was a yellow post-it with an arrow drawn on it pointing to the icon next to the clock and with a note "Do not disturb. For you ->".
The guy clicked on it, and smiled under his nose.
He looked to the Redhead again.
- I think it's more for you... - he said to the sleeping silhouette.
He looked at him for a while and with every second that smile was faltering.

He looked around the room. Got up and took the blanket from the unused chair.

He looked to the Redhead again.
Looked away.

Smirked. More to himself... but maybe at him too.
He approached him a bit hesitantly, he lay down next to him. Near his legs. Making a neat pillow out of the blanket.

School, aikido, "job", home work, overdue assignments. Trying to get a job for Firka.
Somewhere there I need to find the time to sleep.

And...Time for him although he was so far away.

The second day of his being "there", I asked him in an SMS if he's fine and if he sleeps well.
His answer was short.
"Everything is OK. Thanks."

I thought that it wasn't a really good idea.
He wasn't pushing anything. And I didn't know if he was saying it for real or casually brushing off or as something else entirely.

I called him on the third day.
He was glad I did. I could hear that in his voice.
But I didn't find out any more that through the SMS. It was him who asked more questions and we had to finish quickly because that sort of conversations were always expensive.
On the fourth day I even didn't manage to get back home. The bait worked, but it slipped us.
And besides I prefer to be there... sleep there.

It's not as empty there.
And awkward.

On the fifth day I had a simple but genius idea.
Which I actually should have come up with way earlier...

- Hey.
- Hi.
The Redhead heard the happy note in his voice, and he liked it already.
- Do you have Skype installed on your laptop? - Niv asked straight away.
- Ehmm... I think so - the Redhead heard the surprise or maybe astonishment in the Blonde's voice - Why do you ask?
"Why do you ask?" Nivan hated that sort of stupid questions. Obvious ones.
- And what do you use Skype for?
- Well, to talk... - said Marcin without any conviction whatsoever.
Nivan gave him one more moment for the thought to sink in.
- You want to talk to me on Skype? - the Blonde asked when it finally got to him.
The Redhead rolled his eyes.
- Oh my, you're a genius - he said but at the same time he had a thought that he became somewhat nasty. Or stinging, or grumbling.
Well no, he actually was grumbling since, like forever.
- So? You willing?
- Sure... - the Blonde said the happy note making its presence again. A bit suppressed, a bit hmm... shy?
He smiled under his nose.
Marcin and shy. That's a good one.

They made a date in 20 minutes, they exchanged logins.

The Redhead made himself a brew, sat down at the desk where he had his PC. He wiped some stain from the monitor. And with a start he realized that he was in fact nervous.

Well... that in his stomach he felt something unpleasant and pleasant at the same time.
He laughed at himself.

"Video call".


He smiled unconsciously.

He saw his face in a square window. A bit fuzzy.
He noticed the slightly raised brows and slightly parted lips.
And after a moment he saw a genuine smile.

That unpleasant and pleasant thing in his stomach tightened.
He didn't feel better. He wasn't radiating the same happiness to see him.
He thought that all this was stupid.

That he was looking at him through the screen.
That he wanted to build something this way.
It shouldn't be this way.

- Nivan?
The Redhead came to from his suspense.
Marcin frowned looking at him a little bit lost.
- Sorry. I just thought it's just silly to talk this way.
- Why? - the Blonde asked clearly concerned.
The Redhead shrugged.
- Because we should be talking here, sitting close to each other... well never mind. Cool tee, by the way. - he added.
The Blonde looked down at what he was wearing and hit his forehead with the heel of his hand.
- Oh... I'm an idiot - he looked away, feeling embarrassed - It was supposed to be a gift for you.
The Redhead wasn't able to hold his laugh back.
A Batman tee-shirt. A bit too big for Marcin.
- A gift... that you are wearing yourself? - he said smiling lightly.
- Hey... just wanted to try it on. To see if the size is okay and I just... left it on. - Marcin replied rolling his eyes, I got a similar for myself, do you want to see it?
- Show me.
Marcin smiled, got up from the chair and walked to the high bed, which as the Redhead noticed had no sheets, whatsoever on it.
Standing with the back to the laptop the Blonde took off the too big tee, showing bare back and a lot of the tattoo. Nivan turned his eyes away. He felt a pang again.

After a while Marcin came back in a tee from the same series. With Robin on it.
- Can you see it?
The Redhead laughed.
- Yes. I like it.
Marcin sat down and moved closer in the chair.
- I knew you would appreciate them - he smiled with the side of his mouth - but you know... now you'll have to pretend to be surprised, when I'll give you the one with the Batman.
- The one with what?
The Blonde's smile widened. Tugging on the hem of the tee he looked down at the print.
- I just had the thought that... it would be cool if we wore them together sometimes. If you'd like to...
- Sure. It's going to be fun - Niv said without hesitation.
He liked the present. Well... the gift he was supposed to forget about.
But he liked Marcin's smile more, after what he said about it.
- So... tell me about the big world.
- Well, so far nothing special really - the Blonde responded grimacing.
- Why? - he was confused.
- Because it turns into a contest... of sorts. It turned out that it's not only me here, there are more people like me chosen by Winter.
The Redhead lifted a brow.
- So... they are totally different from me, so... normal. Just plain, with an attitude set to win no matter the cost - Marcin continued - besides they are all sucking up and kissing everybody's asses, makes me want to puke. They are a bit stiff... they are not good material to go out with. I think that Winter was temporarily blinded when he was picking them out - the last words he said with a grimace sticking his tongue out in a gesture of disgust.
- Maybe they'll loosen up... Or hmmm... maybe they see you as threat because you are different form them. Because you stand out. And you reflect that Winter guy with your style a bit.
Nivan took a look at the "profile" of the "remarkable vocalist", which actually irritated him. But unfortunately he didn't have the time to take a closer look. But he'll catch up. He'll take a good and deep look into his biography.
- Maybe... - Marcin shrugged - That's why I feel so bored in the evenings... and I feel a bit alone...
Nivan was looking at his face which suddenly turned sad. He noticed in the lines of his face that he was tired as well.
- So maybe... go out somewhere then? You'll get to know new people, you'll feel better.
Marcin turned his face away.
- I don't want to...
- Why? - the Redhead asked frowning.
Marcin looked toward the screen again. He gave the cyber reflection of Nivan's eyes a stern look.
The Redhead figured it out. He lifted his chin a bit.
- You know, not seeing other people won't make you stop doing it. Maybe it will slow you down, but long term it just won't work. Don't run from the problem like you usually do but face it, head on.
- It sounds a little bit as if you are pushing me... you know... to do this. - Marcin said his eyes running away.
The Redhead smiled with the corner of his lips.
- And I'll explain it to you a bit differently, because what you are saying is just ridiculous. I wouldn't even consider being with you if you would be fucking around everything that will stand in your way. And it doesn't matter if I like you or if I find you attractive or anything else - Nivan said firmly.
- ...and you find me attractive? - Marcin asked lifting his brows slightly and leaning his head toward the screen.  Deciding to ignore the rest of the words Nivan spoke.
The Redhead rolled his eyes.
- That's not what we are talking about here.
- But I'd like us to talk about that - Marcin said firmly - I'd like to have... some sort of confirmation... something that I could hold on to, when I will feel like shit.
Nivan shook his head.
Marcin was looking at him expectantly.
- Yes, I am attracted to you. What sort of question is that, by the way? If I wasn't attracted to you I wouldn't want to... you know sleep with you that night - the Redhead didn't understand what the hell was that all about.
- And what are you most attracted to? - the Blonde said again ignoring all other words he spoke.
- Marcin this is not what it is about. It's not about the looks or the sex. Well that's at least what I think. Do you want what you want, only because you like something in my apparel?
- No, it's not "something" that I like - Marcin said, not even perplexed in contrast to Nivan, he was talking and looking calmly - There is a lot more than "something" in your looks...
The Redhead wasn't really sure if he wanted to hear what Marcin had to say or not. He didn't ask for it but Marcin said it anyway.
- Nivan I like you for many things... - he said dragging the words out - but mostly for the things that you can't see at the first glance or those you try to hide. You are very protective in your own kind of way and I always feel safe with you. I like that you are strong and settled. That it's hard to take you of the track. That you are smart, cunning. And above all you've got a good heart. Although you don't want to show it. And I even like when you feel lost, just like now... It's... a little charming - Marcin smiled with the corner of his lips, arching his brows a bit.

Nivan was silent.
With every word spoken by Marcin his brows lifted more and more.
The Blonde shocked him.
With the honesty of his words, their meaning... and that he can't hide all of his feelings. He was curious... was curious what else Marcin noticed. What did he see in him.
Besides... he never heard words like that. From anyone.
- There are even more things, for which I like you - Marcin continued - I'm not looking at you like at an object to fuck, if it's that what you mean. But I feel very attracted to you, there's no way around that.
Marcin said it all in a calm way. And in his eyes you could see how tired he was, and some sort of resignation as if he gave up fighting what he felt.
As if he had nothing to lose anymore. As if everything was just... obvious.

Nivan didn't know what to say to all that. He wasn't prepared to that kind of openness. For words so simple, with that massive meaning.

Marcin was looking at him. He smiled sadly.
- You are not with Josh anymore... there is nothing to hide or be afraid of anymore. And all this... is true, so... - he shrugged - But if I'll become too pushy or to honest then tell me and I'll stop myself.
The corner of Nivan's lip barely quivered.
- I prefer you talking... than running away. And besides, I really admire you for this honesty. I think I couldn't speak half of those words to save my life - he said stroking the back of his neck.
Marcin smiled a bit sadly.
- But I still... would like to hear something from you. Anything. Because you see... I have this... like with no one else, I have this low self esteem around you... - the Blonde said it putting his hand into the sleeve of his tee and scratched at his forearm.
Nivan's brows lifted.
- Around me? Why?
- I don't know...- he shrugged - I mean... I know. You are calmer, ehm... and... ee... composed. Besides you are better... I think, in everything. You are like water and I am like fire.
The Redhead grimaced.
- And you are stupid. How am I better in everything? Marcin, the only thing I know how it works are computers, but you know that too, very well I might add. Mister Engineer.
-I don't think that is what I'm trying to say here... it's more about the fact that you cope with things better. Calmly. Less emotionally - said Marcin looking away from the screen for a bit.
Nivan smiled.
- Marcin, just because I don't talk about some things as openly as you do, it doesn't meant that hmm... I don't feel them or don't brood over things. It's not like that. Look, if I told you what I wanted to say, then you probably wouldn't be in that whole Oslo city - Niv frowned and fell silent for a minute - I want you to feel at ease when you are around me. I don't bite.
- When I was at ease then... you were angry with me... and besides, you do bite actually. I still got the mark on my neck - he said with a pretended resentment.
The Redhead's smile widened.
- It was different back then. Now it's just only you and me.
Marcin was looking at Niv. With a smile and something weird in his eyes, something that the Redhead didn't understand yet.
- Oh I sooo would fuck you hard right now...
The Redhead rolled his eyes on a principle.
- Of course. Tell Marcin to feel free and he'll jump to the sex straight away.
The Blonde smiled with the corner of his mouth.
- You'll thank me one day for being the way I am, you'll see. Because I'm good in those games - he said very sure of himself. He put his hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair.
Nivan shook his head in an amused disbelief.
- I'm not doubting it. But remember who would actually fuck in this picture - the Redhead smiled with satisfaction.
The Blonde's face fell a little bit.
- Well, I'm not that good at that...
- You don't have to worry about that because I would take good care of you - the Redhead said with a bit of the promised passion showing on his face.
Marcin's brows shot up and his face lip up with a wide and dreamy smile.
- Really? - he asked wanting to make sure he heard it right.
- Well, if you would be a good boy in that big city...
- So you actually guarantee a reward then? - Marcin asked tilting his head a bit.
- Let's just say that you could call it that.
The Blonde smiled and Niv knew that with his thoughts he was already elsewhere.
- So yeah, I think I'm going to make it - Marcin stretched a little sensually with a very satisfied look on his face.
- I see that you don't need a lot to keep you happy - the Redhead replied smiling.
- You are enough for me, and that's a lot.
The Redhead rolled his eyes again but with a cheerful look on his face this time.
- Okay stop it now, because we are turning this conversation in some faggot melodrama.
Marcin smiled.
- Only a little bit.

He went to bed with a smile on his face.

The talk with Marcin reminded him of the good old times, when they could talk freely, about everything and nothing. Laugh at each other, joke together. Or just be silent.

Maybe they didn't change that much. Maybe they can rebuild what they had in the past.
He wanted that.
Closing his eyes, he really believed in it.

- Hi, what's up?
-Hi. You look... different - Nazarij was looking up at him from the floor with suspicion on his face.
- What do you mean? - the Redhead was surprised.
- I don't know... a bit... different.
- Well, one thing is sure. You won't make a good poet - he laughed at him and crouched next to him, to have a look on what he was working.
The guy looked at him weirdly, grimacing.
- You really are different.
The Redhead looked at him lifting one brow. But the guy just waved him off not wanting to explain himself.
- Nothing happened. Besides the fact that Rott was here with his squad and brought us some equipment that you apparently ordered.
- Oh. Cool, where is it? - Nivan looked around.
- In the other room. I didn't touch it because I came down with a vicious case of lazynitis syndrome. - Nazarij yawned wide and scratched his head.
At the same time the Redhead got up and went to the adjoining room.
The guy heard the sounds of the sticky tape being ripped and cardboard being torn. He stretched lazily to get to the keyboard.
- Rott said he wanted to talk to you - he said a bit louder, still looking at the screen.
- What? About what? - the Redhead stopped unpacking to hear his answer better.
- I don't know but he said you should drop in whenever you got a spare minute. I've got the address for you.
Nazar was waiting for some kind of reply, but didn't get it. The Redhead after a while started the cardboard ripping again.
- I think it's about some extra cash. Go, I think it's worth it - he said again raising his voice.
- And how do you know that? - Nivan leaned out of the room and looked at Nazar.
- Well it's the thief's sixth sense.
The Redhead smiled and went back to unpacking the equipment.
- He was saying that we should get us a third for the team - the guy with the short haircut said after a while.
- Rott should probably know that people like us don't stroll down the road in packs - he replied, walking back in to the room. With a bunch of all sorts of cables in his arms.
- He said you have someone good to fill that place.
The Redhead looked down at him with a frown still clutching the cables.
- He said or you told him?
- Me?! - he almost shouted surprised, pointing at himself - I basically don't know anything about you. How should I know?
- What do you mean... you don't know anything?
- And where should I know it from? Hey... wait, wait - he added quickly pointing to the Redhead with his finger - you think I checked you out?
- No, I don't think, I'm fucking sure you did - Nivan said looking at him not changing the expression on his face.
Nazarij looked at him, surprised at first, clearly not knowing how to defend himself. But after a while his face changed. To an angry one.
He got up and walked to the Redhead. He looked up at him craning his neck.  Their faces very close, he looked him straight in the eyes.
- You. You checked me out. You did it - he said practically hissing.
The Redhead was looking at him grimacing, with brows tight.
- Don't fuck with me by telling me you didn't do the same. How could he know about me so much then? I guess that's why he took you in for this job.
- I have no idea where that flea infested dipshit knows so much about you, but I sure as hell know it's not from me. He never told me to check you out. And I didn't even consider doing it you sick fuck.

The Redhead smiled but only with the corner of his mouth.
Lifting his chin a bit.
Looking down at the guy with superiority in his face.
Just like he was doing it in the past.

- Well then you don't know squat about this world, boy - he dropped the cables, not moving from the spot. Still looking into the guys eyes.
They were both measuring each other. Grimly, without trust. Like animals poising to attack.
- Who do you think you are...? - the boy narrowed his exceptionally bright, light blue eyes.
Nivan was silent for a moment, observing his face. Then he just let his gaze fall.
- Okay, fighting won't change anything here. I checked you out, because I thought you would do the same. If you are not lying, and I really want to believe that, then Rott had to have someone else.
The guy snorted, but after a while he eased his shoulders down.
- There was this guy with him here - he said calmly. - Before you and before me. But he packed up when we started to look for that girl. I really don't know anything about you. I'm guessing that you are still at school and that you are somehow connected to it all, because although you sleep here constantly instead of working, it really seems important to you.
The Redhead let out a sigh.
- That girl, Sonia. She was a part of my team in the past. You could say that she was a friend of sorts. But she sold us out, the whole team. Because of her and because of me, Rott's older brother Rav died.
Nivan was saying it all with a suppressed sadness, with something that Nazar knew very well. With resentment and he blaming himself for it as well.
The guy was scared to ask for more details. Unconsciously he felt he didn't have any right to. Although the Redhead probably knew a lot about him.
But if he knew so much about him... then why...
Then why didn't he look at him weirdly, like everybody else around did?
- I'm so sorry... - the guy said, and without saying anything else, without looking at the Redhead he sat back down again.
Nivan turned away with the intention to go back to the other room.
- Nivan?
The Redhead looked to the guy.
- Yes?
- So if you know so much about me... and I still don't know anything about you. Then maybe... to make it even, we could go out and have a beer, or something?
The Redhead lifted his brows.
He looked at the sharp profile of the boy's face lit by the screens glow. He saw him being tired, lost and yearning.
The same things he saw in Marcin a lot.
But now he could put a name to it.
- Sure. It would be great. It will do us good to leave this rat hole for once and see the real world.      
The guy looked to the Redhead and smiled.
- It's on you though.
- Okay, so be it.
The Redhead smiled back at him. He finally made it to the other room. He went back to unpacking the boxes.

- Will you go to see him? - Nazar was standing in the doorway leaning with his shoulder against the doorjamb.
- I will. I have to it's not like I have a massive choice anyway. But now I've got a few questions.
- About that guy?
Nivan sat down on the floor and started to unpack small packages.
- Among other things, yes.
- I saw him. He partially introduced me to all of this and then he just stopped coming in.
The Redhead looked up to the guys face darkened by the shadows.
- Do you know his name? Maybe I know him too - Nivan asked really interested.
- I know. His name is Alex. He was short and he had white dread locks.

The Redhead's eyes widened.
He jumped up quickly, passed the guy in the doorway and grabbed his jacket on his way.
- What? What is it? Do you know him? - he asked shocked at the Redhead's reaction.
- Yup. I do. He's my friend. Or so I thought up until now - he gave him a cynical smile - You see, this is how hacker's world looks like... - he moved a step then added - Can you please unpack what's left, I'll be back in a few hours.
- Okay... - said Nazar, still standing in the same spot.
He had a fleeting thought that all this was a bit... too complicated for him.
- What kind of shit did I step into just now... - he said to himself, or to the three monitors that were illuminating the whole depressing place with their crisp specific light.
He let out a sigh and went to unpack what the Redhead didn't finish.

Nivan was walking fast in the direction where Alex lived thinking about taking his motorbike out.
He thought that, there is no one left in the world that...
That he really knew.

New page for this story: [link]

:bulletred: Polish version: [link] :bulletred:

Chapter translated by wonderful: :iconschiotka: Amazing job as always ;*


Chapter 01 - [link]
Chapter 13
Chapter 14 - [link]
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